Teen (Middle School) Wellness Group / Workshop

Teen Wellness Group / Workshop

(Middle School)

WHO: middle school // 55 minutes // 6–12 members // closed group format

What to expect: (see flyer below)

This 6-week workshop provides teens with psychoeducation on coping with stress, depression and social anxiety, while building stronger support through communication, boundary setting and skill building.

You will learn more about the brain and our body’s response to social stressors and pressure, how to formulate language to more effectively communicate feelings of anxiety and techniques to manage and decrease persistent anxiety and depression

The group will be led by Molly Lown, will use techniques from Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. We will take a Strengths Based Perspective approach while incorporating mindfulness in order to build and practice better anxiety management.

Prior to joining the group, Molly will meet individually to discuss your personal concerns and goals, to determine if this group will best meet your needs.

For questions about the group please contact
Molly Lown 331·444·2259 / molly@growwellnessgroup.com

Workshop Cost: $50/session

To sign up, call Wendy Hayum-Gross at 331-457-2020

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