Behavioral Challenges

Counseling and Therapy
Individual counseling and family counseling at Grow can address some of the problems associated with behavioral difficulties and defiance. Depending on the nature of the behaviors, one type of counseling may be more appropriate than others. Individual therapy can help the child in identifying triggers behind their behavior problems as well as work to increase motivation to cooperate with others. Therapy with these issues will also involve the family to work on effective behavioral management strategies and parenting strategies to reduce negative acting out behaviors and increase compliance.
Counseling goals for children exhibiting defiant, destructive, and angry behaviors typically include:
  • Establish an effective behavioral contract in the home with consequences and rewards that increase compliance and change negative behaviors
  • Empower parents to take back authority in the home through behavioral planning and the creation of a strategic alliance with the child
  • Help the family to avoid power struggles, nagging, name-calling, and other ineffective communication patterns
  • Work with the child to explore and gain insight into behaviors and increase motivation for cooperation and healthy decision making
  • Educate the child into thinking and calming strategies to reduce and control angry and destructive impulses

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