Billing At Grow Wellness Group

Grow Wellness Group works with Padgett Billing as our provider of choice for billing and collection services for all services with an exception for Neuropsychological & Psychological Assessments. Please see contact information below.

We have worked with them since our inception because their values very much align with ours – Doing all possible to prioritize client service and continuity of care. They believe in what we do (putting Grow Wellness Group clients first and adhering to the level of care and services our clinicians provide) and how we do it, and will go to great lengths to help our clients navigate billing and insurance.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Padgett Billing for any questions or concerns:

Padgett Billing CEO, General Questions:

Anna Padgett – [email protected] , 708-336-1419

Therapy Collections/Billing Questions, General Insurance Questions:

Tony Padgett – [email protected] , 708-995-9771, Ext 201

Psychological & Neuropsychological Testing – Collections/Billing Questions, General Insurance Questions:

Robyn & Katy – [email protected]

For Insurance Estimate of Benefits Inquiries with YOUR Insurance Company:

Nadia Espinoza – [email protected] , 708-995-9775


We do our very best to do all we can on our side to create the most seamless and accurate billing possible, as well as insurance education. Understanding your insurance benefits can be a big challenge, and we will work to support you in navigating what can be a stressful process.

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