Grow Wellness Group & Grow Sports Psychology in Naperville is offering our Heads Up! Returning to Sport After A Concussion Workshop presented by our very own Kevin Barton, LPC, CMPC. Join us on Tuesday, October 3rd at 7pm for this in-person workshop at 200 E. 5th Ave, Suite 133 in Naperville. We are located just minutes outside of downtown Naperville in the historic 5th Avenue Station Building. This interactive workshop is perfect for athletes, parents, coaches, medical professionals, anyone who has had a concussion or those just interested in learning more. Topics of discussion will include:
    • Risks of concussions and psychological impact on the brain
    • Recovery process
    • How to support athletes integrate back into sport (Strategies for parents & coaches)
    • Post-concussion syndrome
A little bit about our facilitator, Kevin Barton:
    • Member of our Sports Psychology Team
    • Published research on concussions in The Journal of Sport Behavior
    • Presented at over 10 international conferences on the impact of concussions
    • Experience working with collegiate, professional, and Olympic-level athletes



This workshop will be held in-person. To register or to find out more information, please reach out to us at: 331-457-2020 or [email protected] 
Workshop cost is $20/per person. Once registered, a link for payment will be sent out along with additional information about workshop and location.