Grow Wellness Group was recently highlighted by Little Friends in their 2023 Year in Review as a Proven Partnership that acts a driving force in transforming lives and shaping a more inclusive and compassionate future. Early in 2023, Little Friends began a partnership with Grow Wellness Group to provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for those they serve.

Little Friends was established in 1965 and  has grown to a multi-faceted human services agency providing a variety of services for children and adults with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and social emotional needs. Little Friends services include educational and vocational training programs, community-based residential living, a Center for Autism, and respite family services. The agency serves individuals and families throughout nine counties and over 50 school districts across Illinois.

Shortly after this partnership was announced, a parent reached out eager to have two of her young sons evaluated. Our staff helped schedule evaluations at Grow Wellness within weeks, and upon completion, recommendations were made for ABA, speech and occupational therapists. The Center for Autism was able to support the family and after working with their therapists for only a few months, she noticed significant change in her 4-year-old son’s behavior due to increased confidence and speech. Her six-year-old is also making progress while working on functional communication, social, play, and academic skills.

The significance of gaining access to evaluations for early intervention for autism is well documented. Grow Wellness Group’s dedication to precision and excellence in diagnostic evaluations has been a cornerstone in empowering Little Friends to better understand the unique needs of each individual. This, in turn, enables more tailored and effective support, setting the stage for improved outcomes and a higher quality of life for those in Little Friends’ care. Grow Wellness Group, the executive provider for Little Friends, has conducted diagnostic evaluations and testing for more than 40 individuals, with the majority of them having  subsequently transitioned to counseling services, ensuring continuous integrative and collaborative care.

The collaboration between Grow Wellness and Little Friends extends beyond diagnostic evaluations. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of care for individuals served by Little Friends, Grow Wellness Group is able to provide additional support with the establishment of The Grow Forward Program. This initiative offers therapists from Grow Wellness into Little Friends schools during the school day to provide 1:1 support, groups, and emotional wellness support and skills to Little Friends staff and teachers.

The Grow Forward Program aligns in supporting Little Friends’ efforts to develop comprehensive and skill-based interventions grounded in mental wellness, emotional regulation, executive functioning, and trauma-informed practices. The impact of the partnership between Grow Wellness Group and Little Friends is palpable in the positive transformations witnessed within the Little Friends community. By combining diagnostic precision with targeted support in educational settings, the alliance has become a beacon of hope for families and individuals in the Little Friends community.

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