Since our inception in 2019, Grow Wellness Group has aspired to provide wrap-around wellness services that focus on the ENTIRE individual – caring for your mind, body and spiritual health. All are factors in each individual’s overall wellness. Today one of our intentions became a reality. We are so pleased to announce the opening of Grow Well Yoga + Barre + Fitness located in Suite 133 in our 200 E 5th Ave offices near Downtown Naperville.

Why Should You Consider Yoga + Barre?

They are utilized, and scientifically supported, across the mental health field as another source of mental and physical restoration and wellness. If our mind and body are in disconnect, we will experience distress. When they act in harmony, our mind can find solace and peace within the body. We can also achieve higher levels of both complete individual wellness and connections internally and externally.

There are few, if any, proven physical wellness outlets that have such a profound impact on the body and mind than Yoga + Barre.

Some of the Benefits:

Yoga helps individuals achieve mental balance by relieving anxiety and finding solace in the present moment, lowering depression, promoting better sleep, decreasing stress, improving focus and a range of life inhibiting challenges including past trauma and finding sanctuary within our bodies, ADHD, anger management and so much more.

About the Studio:

The new studio is light airy and beautiful. A perfect place for body and soul to come together in movement that enhances your physical and mental well-being. We offer a full schedule of classes in barre and various forms of yoga. There is truly something for everyone. You can learn more about the classes offered, pricing and schedule at

We are located in 5th avenue station alongside our counseling, coaching and testing offices. It is a peaceful sanctuary away from the noise and business of downtown Naperville with convenient parking. Our studio is an inviting place where every member of the community can find wellness & balance. 

Regardless of your age, previous yoga or barre experience, or perceived flexibility, our qualified teachers will support your individual yoga journey and will encourage you to find your edge in each and every class. When circumstances permit, we also offer outdoor yoga classes. 

You can find out more about our classes, highly experienced local instructors and rates at as well as our Mind Body app site.

We look forward to continuing to serve you in Growing and Living Well!


The Grow Wellness Group Team