For centuries, the incorporation of fire and burning have been pivotal instrumentals for the release of pain, healing, and restoration. The inclusion of fire and burning in healing traditions across the world has and continues to be used by global communities to push forward and find freedom from pain and hardship. Among the many century-old traditions are:

  • The fire lantern release ceremonies, which have existed for over 800 centuries at the Loy Krathong and Yi Peng festivals in Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos
  • The “Burning Bowl” ritual, which has been practiced since the time of indigenous peoples in the Americas
  • The “Swinging Fireballs” has been practiced in Scotland since Viking times, and
  • The “Burning of the Old Year” in Beliz, Guatemala, and Nicaragua has been around for centuries

These traditions have transcended generations because they are both healing and unifying. They manifested out of an inherent human need to have release and restoration following a struggle. This is the very essence of this event — it is an act of freeing ourselves from our struggles and seeking a new beginning. And, we can help others in the process with your $25 donation. Just as with Loy Krathong, Yi Peng, the Burning Bowl, and the Swinging Fireballs, our DuPage Community can and will heal together.

The mental health impact of COVID has been unprecedented, as has the demand for mental health services. The statistics are sobering. We have all experienced some form of pain and loss since last March. Families have lost connection, marriages have been strained, jobs have been lost, children are struggling, our work and life is not what we expect it to be, and questioning value and purpose has never been easier. Depression, anxiety, deep inner turmoil, and identity loss struggles are driving extremely unhealthy behaviors and coping sources — to “escape” the pain, which is only leading to more loss; within one’s self and with those they love. And, for many, the mental health loss has taken place alongside an absence of safety and security; evidenced by the quadrupling of Loaves & Fishes demand.

Our current mental health needs as a community are tremendous. Individuals need help and are reaching out for counseling and support when they have access to it. Grow Wellness Group, a Naperville-based counseling, and therapy practice opened 15 months ago. Prior to March, an average of 130 clients were seen per month. At present, Grow Wellness Group serves over 250 clients per month with 14 counselors on staff. Since last March, they have seen client need for services increase to the point where the practice has had to expand both physical space and counselors on staff in order to be in a position to support our DuPage community during COVID times. This is one of many stories illustrating our community’s well-being and demand for mental wellness services.

Opportunities to acknowledge and let go of our pain and loss, and do so united as a community, are currently rare yet crucial to our own healing. This opportunity provides just that. We can all show up to support one another, and support the healing of our community and ourselves.

 Along those lines, we are thrilled to be supporting NAMI DuPage and Loaves & Fishes to provide services for those most in need due to lack of access. Please consider supporting this wonderful initiative for our community.

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Grow Wellness Group, a premiere provider of Naperville counseling services and therapy, is comprised of highly experienced counselors and therapists that are here to help you on this journey when you are ready to take it.

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