Life Transitions

As we make our way through life, we often find ourselves in times of transition that leave us feeling unsure of how to cope and move forward. Our lives are full of changes, some fast and highly significant, some so slow they are barely noticeable. Going through these changes, whether positive or negative, in a healthy way can be challenging.

What are some of these natural life changes? The list starts at puberty, then through early adulthood, career choice (and changes, since people may change careers several times in their lives), marriage, possibly divorce, relationship changes, childbearing and child rearing, empty nest, retirement and the transitions that accompany aging. All these are part of the natural life cycle, yet can carry a great emotional load. Even though life events can be planned and prepared for, the effects often destabilize and bewilder us for a time.How can each of these people in change get a better view on their current situation?

As therapists, we can help you navigate the uncertainties of these transitions by providing compassionate and emphatic support while assisting you in moving into a healthier state of life. Our approach encompasses many theoretical perspectives of human development and change ensuring that every individual is uniquely understood and supported.

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