Our Story

GrowWell was founded by Adam Ratner, LCSW, MBA and Wendy Hayum-Gross, MA, LCPC in Naperville, IL, with a mission focused on 2 fundamental objectives – providing our clients with the best care possible – from the moment you step in our office for the first time until the time you achieve your objectives at GrowWell – and, ensuring that every clinician at GrowWell is both highly experienced, strongly relatable for clients and passionate about the services we provide.

From the very first day of GrowWell’s formation, we made the intentional decision to limit the size of our counseling locations in order to focus on creating a smaller and more intimate therapy and counseling services environment, which best allows our team to ensure a sustainable focus on our capabilities in providing the best client experience possible with our wonderful group of counselors and therapists. The client experience as we define it is not only focused on the actual in-room counseling experience, but also on the overall attention you will get as a client – from placing you with the best possible clinician for you (even if it means that this clinician is in our network of alliances outside of GrowWell) to navigating insurance and billing questions to how you are greeted and treated each and every time you walk in our doors.

Our offices in Naperville are designed to be serene and relaxing settings to put clients comfortable and at ease with their counselor / therapist during the growth process.

We also maintain a focus treating the “entire” client by employing a comprehensive perspective to wellness – including the integration of both mind and the body.

Grow is located in Naperville: 200 E 5th Avenue, Suite 109, which recently opened in September of 2019.

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