Individual Athlete 1:1 Sports Psychology Sessions

with An Expert


It is very common for Individual Athletes (Professional and otherwise) to pursue individual mental wellness support to both enhance their sports performance as well as their improve their overall well-being. Most of us have heard of the big names who are now being more vocal about the importance of taking care of our own, individual mental health. They have experienced the cost to themselves, their careers and their families for not getting ahead of personal growth opportunities when they manifested. And, they have all come forward with a similar response – “I wish I would have reached out for help earlier.”

While our focus is on sports psychology and performance improvement by equipping you with mental skills that will allow you to be present and confident on the field, court, mat, pitch, etc! We work with athletes and performers across all sports and look forward to providing you with guidance and support as your grow as an athlete and an individual.

From youth to professional athletes and everything in-between, we offer individual mental performance training to help you improve your mental skills, resiliency, and mental toughness. What we work on is personalized to your specific needs as an athlete and we aim to empower you to succeed both in and out of sport.

We also work closely with those recovering from injury, and their journey back to health, as well as preventing future injuries. Finally, we focus on the physical and emotional toll of injury.

Appointments are available in person at our location at 200 E 5th Avenue Station as well as via Video Sessions, if you are unable to attend in person 


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