The Grow Wellness Group Difference

We know that the counseling journey is an extremely personal and sensitive experience, requiring a high degree of trust and commitment by both client and counselor. We designed Grow Wellness Group to provide a positive, client-centered, and ethical counseling experience where our clients and our clinical staff feel heard, valued and affirmed.


Our team has consciously created a warm, welcoming, relaxed, and impactful practice focused on each and every client’s needs and goals. We firmly believe that your emotional well-being is connected to your physical well-being, so we provide a comprehensive approach to personal growth and overall wellness, integrating mind and body.


We understand that an experienced, compassionate, and engaged clinician provides the most attentive and effective care. Our dedicated counselor team cares for one another like family. This intentional level of connectedness and caring carries over to our clients’ personal experience at Grow Wellness. Y


We are committed to supporting every aspect of your wellness journey. From your first call with us to the day you have completed your journey, we strive to ensure that you are placed with the best therapist for you. We believe in the value of open, honest communication, and will work with you to ensure that your experience is positive and productive, including assisting you with your billing and insurance needs.

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