Grow Wellness Group is thrilled to announce our merger with Empower Performance Improvement in Illinois!

With over 5 years of experience across club / high school, amateur and professional athletes as well as their coaches, with the merger with Empower Sports Performance Improvement, Grow Sports Psychology & Performance Improvement is very well positioned to continue to provide the wellness services we strive to deliver to each and everyone of our clients. Empower Performance Improvement, founded by Kevin Barton, has provided Sport Psychology & Performance Improvement services to all college sports divisions and associations, the European Basketball League, Northern Illinois University, Beyond Sport and much more. Empower’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement mirrors GWG values, which makes this marriage so impactful.

Each of our Sports Psychology & Performance Improvement team members are very well versed in a myriad of strategies and tactics to achieve your individual and team goals from a Sport Psychology & Performance Improvement perspective. Perhaps most importantly, EACH OF US HAS OUR OWN STORY FOR WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO. We have a deep passion for sports and performance given our joint histories in a variety of sports, our own personal struggles and journeys AND our desire to pay it forward to the next generation of athletes, leaders and coaches.

Our team looks forward to working with you or your team / organization or association! Contact Us today to learn more!

Grow Sports Psychology & Performance Improvement strives to:

To empower athletes and performers across the globe to develop the passion to improve their mental well-being, reach their potential, and to pursue excellence on and off the field. We are committed on developing holistic and perseverant leaders, students, athletes, and performers through enhancing mental performance.