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Grow Sport Psychology & Performance Improvement in Naperville, IL provides a proven and established Athlete and Athletic Club-Based Sports Psychology and Performance Improvement Program designed and continuously improved by our very own Kevin Barton, MS E.d, LPC, NCC, CMPC and team.

Our Mission: To empower athletes and performers across the globe to develop the passion to improve their mental well-being, reach their potential, and to pursue excellence on and off the field. We are committed on developing holistic and perseverant leaders, students, athletes, and performers by improving mental performance capabilities.

We have been delivering Sport Psychology and Performance Improvement Services through Empower Sports Performance for over 5 years to: Individual Athletes, Individual Teams, Coaches, Entire Sports Clubs, Sports Associations and College and Professional Sports Leagues.

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Our Services


Program Outcomes & Objectives


What to Expect

(Teams & Coaches)

1. Needs Assessment with Coaches & Club/Team Leadership/Athletic Director

2. Team Observation at Practice to see Coaching and Player behavior

3. Workshops & Introduction to Sports Performance & What Sports Psychology Is (open to players, coaches and parents)

4. Create Team Performance Plan & Recommendations based on outcomes of Needs Assessment and Practice Observation; specifically tailored to your team and club’s goals and and aspirations

5. Provide continued support, as needed, to maintain optimal performance, player discipline and resilience and team cohesion

What to Expect for Players

(1:1 Sessions & Workshops)

Player Benefits from Individual Performance Sessions



As former athletes and performers ourselves, we have a passion for sports and helping athletes by being the resource we wish we had. We started our journey to help athletes because we recognize the pressures and challenges that athletes face and the lack of support for athletes in the area. We have experienced the emotional roller-coasters of severe injuries, the high of winning a championship, the lack of motivation due to feeling burnt out, and the confidence of believing in our abilities. We have also experienced coaches saying that the game is 50% mental, yet never provide resources on how to become a mentally stronger player.

We understand the culture of sports that have created a hesitancy for athletes to reach out and talk about their mental health due to fear of being benched, cut, or judge. This is why we are here to change that narrative and create a place where athletes, coaches, and high performers can come to improve their mental performance, take care of their mental health, and achieve their goals. This is where you can grow!

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