Check out this interview with our very own Adam Ratner on “5 Ways to Beat Burnout At Work.”



Many of us associate our value with our jobs, says Adam Ratner, a licensed clinical social worker and co-founder of Grow Wellness Group in Naperville, IL. “Our job is not our identity. It is not all we have to offer. It is not all that we are capable of,” he says.

Instead, try to look at work for what it is, a means of survival and a way to achieve a desired quality of life, says Ratner. Then, focus on what is important to you outside of work, whether your family, health, or whatever brings you joy.

“It’s imperative not to forget what you have to be grateful for, or darkness can find its way in,” Ratner says, so keep investing in activities that provide the most gratification to you.

If your current role is causing you stress or isn’t a good fit, remember that you are not locked into one position, especially in this day and age, Ratner says. Instead, find a new opportunity that sparks joy.

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Therapy is a tremendous resource for anyone who gives it a chance. However, you must invest in and be patient with finding the right therapist for you. If you choose not to, you are choosing to settle and put a ceiling on your personal growth, which might be the very reason you are pursuing therapy in the first place.


Adam Ratner, LCSW, MBA is a clinical therapist, and co-owner of Grow Wellness Group Counseling and Therapy in Naperville, IL. He provides counseling to individuals, couples, teens, children and families in navigating the many challenges getting in the way of living their most fulfilling life.